About us

Stocks Watchout Company is one of the leading stocks guiding platform. Our clients include expatriate Pakistanis and foreign nationals. Using our platform, clients can get guidance regarding PSX-100 index which will help to increase profit. Our Fundamental Analysts have an understanding of a company’s health and future prospects. They read the annual reports and financial statements to get an understanding of the company’s comparative advantages, competitors and its market environment. Also, to build on the idea that the stock market may price a company wrong from time to time. Our fundamental analysis consists on logic and create a space where you can manage your portfolio quite effectively. Moreover, profits are made by finding underpriced stocks and waiting for the market to adjust the valuation of the company. By analyzing the financial reports from companies, we get an understanding of the value of different companies and understand the pricing in the stock market. After analyzing these factors, we always have the better understanding of whether the price of the stock is undervalued or overvalued at the current market price. While our Technical Analysts seeks to forecast future prices of investments and markets by analyzing past trading action. Also, our technician believes that people have predictable mental short cuts of reacting to action in the markets. Technicians seek to profit by anticipating the mass psychological biases of buyers and sellers in a broad range of markets and look to take the emotion out of investing by applying rules that usually apply to almost every investment that fluctuates in price in a free market. Moreover, we use different charts and make predictions regarding share price of the company. Our focus is always to provide accurate and correct information, along with expert technical advice. Our policy is to make one on one relationship with client’s core strength. We also offer different packages to our clients. We work 24/7 for you and give valuable suggestions according to market situation. We also Watchout the movement in stocks market. Recently, we started the internship program for fresh graduates in which we give special classes to the young generation to enhance their capability in stocks market. Our purpose is to share maximum knowledge and information to our followers regarding stocks. Stocks Watchout Company always provide reliable & most accurate tips in Pakistan Stock Market (PSX) through its specialized team of technical analyst and fundamental analyst who Watchout & study the market in short term and long term. Whether the market is bullish or bearish, our team is highly qualified & experienced to handle it in both condition. Our main priority is to have best client relationship by providing individualistic & exclusive client care through our accurate predictions which gives you maximum profits.

Why Stocks Watchout
  •     Our focus on client’s satisfaction
  •     Personalized trading guidance
  •     Client executive interaction
  •     One on one trading guidance
  •     Low coast and flexibility in packages
  •     Special offer to existing clients
Our Mission
  •     To be the stocks guidance leader
  •    To be the leading stocks analysis firm
  •     To rule globally, with focus on middle east
  •     To be the most accurate
  •     To focus on providing guidance
Our Vision

Our vision is straight forward and clear. We want to be the best stocks guidance firm, locally as well as internationally, providing our clients with best and most optimized financial analysis. Moreover, we try our level best to show correct direction in stocks so the investor would earn huge profit through our guidance.