EPCL Earned Profit Of 200M

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Engro Polymer & Chemicals Limited – the only company in Pakistan that produces poly-vinyl-chloride (PVC) – has announced a net income of Rs200 million in the quarter ended on June 30, 2017, up 809% compared with Rs22 million in the same period of last year. Earnings per share (EPS) jumped to Rs0.30 from an EPS of Rs0.03 in the period under review, according to a company notice sent to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). The six month (January to June 2017) net income of the company rose even higher to Rs1.05 billion, up 2,525% compared with Rs40 million in the same period of last year. Engro Polymer, a subsidiary of Engro Corporation that is one of the largest private-sector conglomerates in the country, had announced to inject $9 million into expanding its plant capacity in December 2016. The new investment will increase the annual production capacity to 195,000 tons, up 14.7% from its current capacity of 170,000 tons. The project is expected to be completed by December 2017. With 170,000 tons of installed capacity, the company meets 80% of the PVC demand in the country, while the rest is met through imports. In the imported material, 10-12% comprises hazardous scrap of PVC. Company officials say energy shortages and load-shedding were some of the biggest impediments to the growth of PVC industry in Pakistan. The company’s history dates back to 1994 when it was established as a joint venture with two Japanese companies. Later, perturbed with low margins, it decided to change the business model by producing PVC raw material in Pakistan and made an investment of $350 million. Pakistan’s per capita PVC consumption is lower than regional standards. It stands at just 0.6-0.7 kg compared to 100% higher consumption in India and 16-17 kg in developed nations. PVC is mainly used in manufacturing PVC pipes. Other sectors include artificial leather, shoes, rigid and soft sheets, garden hose, windows and doors, etc.

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