TRG 23.0   1.06     EPCL 31.76   0.72     EFERT 76.36   3.34     UNITY 26.06   1.2     PIBTL 9.9   0.62      BOP 10.85   -0.3     KEL 5.33   -0.11     FCCL 21.55   1.02     MLCF 38.32   1.45     ASL 10.78   0.18     DGKC 84.2   2.3     NCL 50.16   0.36     ISL 73.73   -3.22     PAEL 24.2   1.15     UBL 137.57   0.63    BYCO 9.27   0.49     SNGP 75.71   3.47     PIOC 41.47   1.96     SSGC 21.17   1.0
PMPK – Philip Morris (Pakistan) Ltd. Philip Morris (Pakistan) Ltd. Nine Month Results Sep 2018 EPS 3Q = Rs 2.55 EPS Uptill 9M = Rs 7.18 Interim Dividend = Nil Bonus Shares = Nil Current Price = Rs 3,598.00 9M Growth = 1012% Last 9M EPS = Rs 1.29 MARI – Mari Petroleum Company Mari Petroleum Company Ltd 1st Quarter Results Sep 2018 EPS 1Q = Rs 46.64 Interim Dividend = Nil Bonus Shares = Nil Current Price = Rs 1,433.00 Qty Growth = 42% Last 1Q EPS = Rs 32.77 NATF – National Foods Limited.  National Foods Ltd. 1st Quarter Results Sep 2018 EPS 1Q = Rs 4.03 Interim Dividend = Nil Bonus Shares = Nil Current Price = Rs 220.00 Qty Growth = 35% Last 1Q EPS = Rs 2.98 EFOODS – Engro Foods Ltd Engro Foods Ltd. Nine Month Results Sep 2018 EPS 3Q = Re 0.00 EPS Uptill 9M = Re 0.67 Interim Dividend = Nil Bonus Shares = Nil Current Price = Rs 77.00 9M Growth = 33% Last 9M EPS = Re 0.50


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